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Titan Power 1700mAh 9.6v Stick Tamiya

Titan Power 1700mAh 9.6v Stick Tamiya

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Low cost
Nimhs are the most affordable type of airsoft battery available for new players with entry level airsoft devices just trying to get started on a budget.

Generally Safe
Nimhs carry less safety concerns than Lipo with a metal constructed body and less power overall, plus they won’t “puff” like a Lipo that off-gases when used improperly.

Large Footprint
Usually on the bigger side, especially when comparing to similar capacities, Nimh is often twice as large as their lipo and li-ion counterparts. Fewer

Charge Cycles
Nimhs have fewer charge cycles compared to lipos and li-ions, which in turn likely means that replacements will be needed more frequently. Consider li-ion for the longest life and lipo as a good high performance alternative.

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