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Specna Arms SA-J73 CORE™ Carbine AK

Specna Arms SA-J73 CORE™ Carbine AK

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Replica of the SA-J73 CORE™

Specna Arms meeting customer expectations presents the line CORE™ -an exceptional series of replicas that introduces a new quality in the market. Atractive price  combined with Innovative spring replacement system and high-quality materials make it a series for both beginners and experienced airsoft players. 

The Specna Arms J-Series™ CORE™ carbines are made primarily from durable nylon fibre reinforced polymer, making the replica very light and comfortable. The model in question is made of polymer flask, pistol grip, body extrusion including flask holder, bed with gas tube cap, gas tube and base of the musket.
The most critical parts, such as the barrel holder, dummy slide, the barrel base with the stock, the bed holder, the barrel and the musket were made from zinc alloy and aluminium. The lock chamber cover, fuse wing, trigger holster, buttstock and rear suspension eyelet are made of steel.

Specna Arms J-Series™ CORE™  characterised by very good fit, low weight and ergonomics. In addition, the replica has been equipped with the quick spring replacement system ESA2™. The system allows the power of the replica to be adjusted without disassembling the replica. To replace the spring, simply remove the lock chamber cover, fold the buttstock and unscrew the screw holding the spring guide.

Features of the replica:

- body made of plastic
- low weight
- very good fit
- metal hop-up chamber
- precision barrel internal 6.03mm diameter
- fast spring change system ESA2™
- included additional mainspring M90
- exit device on 24mm CW / 14mm CCW thread
- side mounting rail type "dovetail"
- realistic VFC system construction, based on pins, levers and pins
- plenty of space for a stick  battery under the breech chamber cover (LiPo ready)
- full flask, folds to the side of the body
- insert magwell walk easy magazine change
- originally designed magazines mid-cap S-MAG 

Most types of magazines made by Cyma, JG, E&L, Bolt will fit the replica seamlessly, fitting magazines from other brands may require minor modifications. 

The replica has been fully adapted to work with batteries of the type LiPo and LiFe. Thanks to the base initial discharge velocity of the order ~380 FPS guaranteed by the factory-installed mainspring, the replica is perfect for medium range operations. A M90-type spring is also included, which allows the initial velocity to be reduced to ~310 FPS  thus making the replica perfectly suited for short-range or indoor operations.

The gearbox conceals 8-millimetre slide bearings and the supported steel gears mounted on them. The system is secured by four anti-reverse pawls. The lightweight, polycarbonate plastic piston is provided with a full steel bar  to increase its strength. It also uses a cylinder type 0  and steel interrupter. The strength of the parts allows it to work with M140 springs.

Package include:

  • S-Mag Hi-Cap Magazine
  • QC certificate
  • Cleaning rod
  • Instruction
  • Replica
  • M90 additional spring

Package exclude:

  • The set does not include the battery nor charger
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