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Specna Arms S-Mag Hi-Cap 380rd M4 Magazine Black

Specna Arms S-Mag Hi-Cap 380rd M4 Magazine Black

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380BBs S-Mag Hi-Cap magazine 

Specna Arms products offer airsoft players a combination of a very reasonable price with a quality met only in high-class replicas. Active participation in the development of means of airsoft warfare as well as many-year experience allow Specna Arms to introduce proven products that have been tested in extreme conditions. We encourage familiarizing yourself with the wide offer of replicas, equipment and tuning parts.

Specna Arms presents polymer S-Mag magazines. They are characteristic for their compact, durable construction and smooth design. Noteworthy is the characteristic texture comprised of Specna Arms logos. The magazine was made of durable polymer and has a capacity of up to 380 BBs. Unique construction makes this replica compatible with a majority of replicas available on the market and ideally-suited for various tactical pouches. S-MAG facilitates a seamless feeding of BBs even at high ROF.

NOTE: S-MAG magazines are not fully compatible with the Specna Arms H-Series replicas. To propper work the modification of magazine well is needed.

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