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Specna Arms FLEX SA-F03 Black GATE X-ASR

Specna Arms FLEX SA-F03 Black GATE X-ASR

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Replica of the SA-F03 FLEX™ GATE X-ASR carbine 

The carbine has a factory-installed system MOSFET X-ASR of a Polish brand GATE. This is an unprecedented collaboration between a Polish manufacturer and a well-known airsoft replica factory. The highest quality MOSFET X-ASR will take care of the safety of the replica's components, improve trigger response and the life of the electronics and battery, and allow you to diagnose basic  malfunctions inside the replica thanks to the built-in indicator LEDs.

Specna Arms presents a line of replicas - FLEX™ Enhanced with GATE X-ASR chipAtractive price coupled with innovative spring replacement system and high quality materials makes this series particularly attractive  for beginner airsoft players.   

The body, the front free-float type, the slide along with the battery housing the enlarged SF-type flask as well as the pistol grip are made from nylon fibre-reinforced polymer. Aluminium alloy and ZnAl were used for the barrel, flame suppressor, enlarged reloading handle  and  manipulators. All screws, pins, the ejection window and the dummy lock are made of steel. The barrel is marked with the serial number.

The barrel has been very well fitted the user will not experience any play between the lower and upper parts of the barrel. The use of a body and front made of lightweight plastic allowed for a reduction in weight, making it ideal as a replica for dynamic CQB games. Furthermore, the nylon fibre reinforcement makes the construction more durable than other polymer constructions. 

The replica uses the quick spring change system, ESA™. This allows you to quickly and efficiently adapt the replica's power to the conditions expected on the field of play without the need for access to a workshop or a range of specialised tools.

The replica has been fully adapted to work with battery types LiPo and LiFe. With a base initial discharge velocity of about ~375 FPS guaranteed by the factory-installed mainspring, the replica is ideal for medium range operations. An M90-type spring is also included, which allows the initial velocity to be reduced to ~300 FPS thus making the replica perfectly suited for short-range or indoor operations.

Inside you will find:

8-millimetre plain bearings
-  steel gears- polycarbonate plastic piston with full steel slat
- Type 2 cylinder
steel interrupter
rotary chamber Rotary Hop-Up
- high quality 6.03mm precision barrel

The flame damper is set on a 14mm left-hand thread.

Package include:

  • S-Mag Hi-Cap Magazine
  • GATE X-ASR Diagnostics Card
  • Replica
  • M90 additional spring

Package exclude:

  • The set does not include the battery nor charger
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