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PTS Unity Tactical FAST Dupont Polymer Optic Riser Black

PTS Unity Tactical FAST Dupont Polymer Optic Riser Black

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Unity Tactical FAST™ is a series of optic mounts that provide end users with a 2.26" centerline optic height.  This optic height more rapid visual processing of the battlefield by ensuring an ergonomically correct heads-up posture. Further, they provide faster and easier dot/reticle acquisition while wearing night vision goggles, protective masks, plate carriers and other gear.

The FAST™ Riser securely elevates block-type red dot optics with a standard lower 1/3 cowitness picatinny mount to a 2.26″ optical center line.
It provides an elevated M1913 Picatinny platform for direct attachment of optics such as EOTech EXPS®, Leupold LCO®, Vortex UH-1®, and other “lower 1/3” optics*

This version of the PTS Unity Tactical FAST Riser is made from Dupont Zytel polymer with metal rail grabber and screws.  The primarily polymer construction yields a more affordable cost while maintaining the strength and rigidity of high quality Dupont Zytel branded polymer with minimal compromise to durability and performance.  


  • Comes standard with a rail-grabber clamp
  • Fully licensed Unity Tactical trademarks

• Color – Black
• Material – Dupont Zytel branded reinforced polymer with metal rail grabber hardware
• Weight –  g (approx.)
• Dimension – 89 x 31 x 17mm
• Compatible with “lower 1/3” cowitness picatinny mount red dot optics

License: Unity Tactical logo and related brand names are trademarks of Unity Tactical in the United States and/or other countries and are used for airsoft replicas under exclusive worldwide license by PTS Syndicate, Ltd.

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