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Wolverine MTW Billet Series Gen 3 Tactical 10"

Wolverine MTW Billet Series Gen 3 Tactical 10"

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The MTW platform has been built from the ground up to dominate the field, with endless customization options to make it your own. The MTW’s unrivaled reliability will keep you in the game, and we’ve “got your six” with durability and service to make the MTW the last replica you’ll ever need.

Standard Features

  • Gen 3 Billet Receiver Set
  • INFERNO Gen 2
  • Spartan Electronics MTW Control Board
  • Invictus MK-1 Rail
  • Empty Mag Detection
  • CNC Feed Tube
  • PTS EPM-MTW magazine with empty mag detection
  • Op. Pressure Range: 80-140psi

Tactical  Features

  • 1045 Steel Flash Hider with a Black Oxide Finish
  • Premium Real Steel Grip
  • Heavy-duty Milspec Stock
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