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Glock 17 gen3 Green Gas

Glock 17 gen3 Green Gas

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This GLOCK 17 blowback airsoft pistol is patterned after the Gen 3 model. The GLOCK 17 Gen3 runs on green gas, shoots 295 feet per second and holds 22 rounds of 6mm Elite Force BBs. The slide reciprocates (blows back).

The GLOCK 17 is the original 9x19mm Parabellum model introduced in 1982. Several modified versions of the G17 have been introduced.

This airsoft version faithfully replicates the same GLOCK 17 Gen3 firearm features. The pistol works with regular Elite Force Fuel green gas and fires with a crisp, fast cycle. Since it is an officially licensed product it works with many accessories designed for GLOCK handguns such as pistol lights, holsters, etc.

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